Apple’s New Spaceship Campus: A Green Revolution


Before Steve Jobs passed away, he had a vision for a new office complex so outrageous that he could only describe it as looking like a spaceship landing. While Steve is no longer with us, his dream and his vision is. Apple has announced that they will continue with their plans to build this new [Continue Reading]

Going Green with Your Pet

Green Pets

To many of us, pets are a member of our families, but we probably haven’t thought about the impact our pet ownership is having on the environment. New Zealand scientists Robert and Brenda Vale estimate that the average household dog has a larger carbon footprint than a small SUV. While this may seem hard to [Continue Reading]

Green Tech for Your Home

Smart Thermostat

New green technologies to help save the environment are widely available, but for many they were just too expensive to put in our own homes. Over time, however, a number of these have become more affordable. Here’s a list of a few of the best technologies across a range of prices to consider for your [Continue Reading]

Go Green this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us, and if you’re like most people, you’re faced once again with finding new ways to mark the occasion. This year, why not change things up and give your Valentine’s Day a green twist? That cute teddy bear with a big red heart is probably going to end up in the [Continue Reading]