Yellow Pages Ad Mistakes

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The Yellow Pages Industry has been around for more than 100 years, yet mistakes are still made by businesses when designing their ads. If the designer for your Yellow Pages ad has a limited understanding of what makes an ad effective, or if they have little understanding of your business and industry, they may not [Continue Reading]

Facebook Graph Search For Businesses

Facebook For Business

What if you could combine the networking of LinkedIn, the reviews of Yelp and the search power of Google, all in one convenient tool? If this sounds interesting, the new Facebook Graph Search may be for you. Facebook gradually began rolling out this new tool to limited users earlier this year. Its goal is to [Continue Reading]

How to Motivate Employees

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Every business owner and manager knows that one of the keys to running a successful business is having engaged, motivated employees. While traditional thinking points to monetary incentives as the source of the highest satisfaction and loyalty, new studies have started to uncover more intrinsic motivational factors. Some managers believe the sole use of money [Continue Reading]

Small Business Spending Online

Yellow Pages United Spending Online

With the challenges of current economic conditions and rapid advances in technology, small business owners are facing a more volatile and competitive marketplace than ever before. Traditional marketing and advertising platforms are not as effective as they once were as audiences’ attention is increasingly focused in the digital space. Consumers have less disposable income, and [Continue Reading]