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Yellow Pages Waste
Are you tired of hearing the loud thump of a phone book on your front porch every couple of months? Well, join the club. These books waste an enormous amount of resources every year, and most of them are not even wanted.

In a day and age where most are trying to to lessen their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint, the phone book industry is resisting. The internet is a more than ample substitute for the printed phone book, yet they continue to be delivered. While there are some cases where the printed phone book is still a valuable resource, its widespread distribution should be relegated to the history books. is conducting a survey on phone book usage. Your participation will help us to reduce the waste and environmental impact caused by printed phone books.

One of the strongest efforts towards reducing phone book waste is moving to an opt-in system, which requires that a phone book be requested by a household before it is delivered. This reduces the waste created by unwanted phone books, and will also save on the recycling and waste costs of disposing of all of the excess phone books. While this may not be the perfect system, it is a step in the right direction and will have a positive environmental impact.

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