Yellow Pages Trends in 2012

Yellow Pages United Trends for 2012

Small business owners face more marketing decisions — and have more marketing opportunities — than ever before. The growth of online advertising platforms, search engine optimization practices, and pay-per-click ads have led many business owners to question the effectiveness of more traditional advertising platforms. The Yellow Pages is one of the traditional advertising platforms most [Continue Reading]

Multi-Channel Marketing – Communication is The Key

Communicating with vendors and customers

The key to measuring successful multi-channel marketing is return on investment. How many customers do you get for your advertising buck? The future of managing marketing strategies is in communication, both with potential customers and vendors. An effective communication program sets the tone for most things in the business world, including focused searches and marketing [Continue Reading]

Mobile Search is important to small businesses

Local search on mobile phones

Adding local mobile search to a business’s marketing plan could bring a significant number of new customers and could help to retain customers. According to the vice president of iCrossing, New York, 122,000,000 people in the United States alone have mobile technology. With the advent of smart phones, people can now search — on the [Continue Reading]