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Catchy marketing slogans seem to stick in your mind, and the best among them can change your opinion of the product they’re advertising. Changing people’s opinions is a primary goal among marketing teams; every campaign is different, but each of the marketing efforts on this list show how a good slogan can increase brand recognition and loyalty. Read on to learn about some of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time, and how you can use some of their strategies to build your brand.

Nike’s “Just Do It”

Shoe giant Nike started using the slogan back in 1988, as they were trying to emerge from a time of financial difficulty. It’s now etched into the minds of a generation of consumers, who equate it with the quality of the company’s shoes and sports gear. “Just Do It” is successful because it inspires a feeling of encouragement and fosters the spirit of competition. You can get your customers excited in a similar way by including a catchy slogan in your print ads, or incorporating a call to action in your next bulk SMS campaign.

Volkswagen’s “Think Small”

Volkswagen is almost as famous for its ad slogans as it is for the cars it sells, but there’s one tagline that stands out among the others. The 1959 slogan “Think Small” came at a time when the company was trying to get customers to choose its Beetle over much larger vehicles. It was successful because the company decided to extol the benefits of choosing a small car by showing the car itself surrounded by a lot of open space. The campaign’s major goal was to change people’s opinion of smaller vehicles, and to turn a perceived weakness into an asset. You can “think small” in a similar way by making a list of your product’s weaknesses and finding ways to turn them into strengths.


This is another American company which is almost as famous for its ads as it is for its products. Back in 1995, the company asked potential customers a simple question: “Have you had Your Break Today?” The slogan was a reboot of an earlier one, “You Deserve a Break Today”. McDonald’s has a long history of memorable taglines, some of which were backed by celebrities. Bring some star power into your next ad campaign by recruiting a locally- or nationally-known pitch person.

Kit Kat’s “Gimme a Break!”

The slogan is very catchy, and the song is even catchier. It was launched in 1986, as a variation of the 1957 tagline “Have a Break…Have a Kit Kat”. The “Gimme a Break” commercials included shots of office workers spontaneously breaking into a song and dance routine while enjoying a candy bar. You can help your customers identify with your brand by making it more relatable, as Kit Kat did.

It’s an advertiser’s goal for their product to gain a place in the consumer’s mind, and the most successful marketing slogans are tied to their products. Companies large and small are competing for the consumer’s dollar, and every ad is an attempt to be noticed. Whether it’s a short phrase that perfectly fits the product, a celebrity endorser or an off-the-wall statement designed to make people notice, getting customers to stick with your brand is never easy—especially in such a competitive marketplace.

This post was written by marketing professional James Harper for Collstream the SMS marketing experts.

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